In today’s time television is coming up as one of the finest way to approach or make reach to our target audiences. Also, it is becoming source of income not for just a few companies but millions of normal people who plenty of talents and are looking for the platform. BGIL Films and Technology has done a notable projects for Television and has a few programmes under production.

The company has in past produced serials and miscellaneous programme for DD and Zee TV including well known serials like Papa, Uljhan; now BGIl Films plans to re-enter by launching new series on various TV channels; Some of the projects in the pipeline are

Upcoming Production

Tiger series a documentary : BGIL Films has tied up with world renowned wild lif cinematographer Mr. Nalla Mutthu for the Same. The shooting part mis already over and post production work is being done. BBC, Discovery Channels are potential client for the same.

Maalkin: A Serial for DD under production.

Bhajan competition: BGIL Films has tied up with One of the National Channel and in joint-venture a nation wide competition has been drawn and previsulisation of the same is completed and this program will be an annual feature.

Corporate Game Show: BGIL Films has drafted a highly potential game show to be aired on TV channel; negotiations are on with leading TV channel for the same.