It refers to the use of digital technology to send messages and images to displays in places frequented by the general public or specific groups. With the Merging of Audio-Visual and IT Industry a new form of Digital Signage is emerging which facilitate control of Media display from a Remote Server with pre-defined Schedule or Live broadcasting of events. Depending on the application, the display might be a small LCD screen, a plasma display panel, or even High brightness LED Screens.

Features of DSS:-

  • 1. Creates new marketing and information.
  • 2. Real time information.
  • 3. Broadcast information to target audiences.
  • 4. Using high quality video and animation.
  • 5. Displaying Flash files, Video .MPG, HTML, QuickTime, Power Point, .JPGs, Java scripts, and more.
  • 6. Highly cost effective.
  • 7. Content can be scheduled for automatic updates of digital content, and centrally managed bypre-programming system.
  • 8. Contains add-on features, such as mouse, keypad, and touch screen for interactive displays.
  • 9. It operates through remote displays in a closed network for maximum security. Optimal solution for both small-scale and large-scale projects.
Key Points:-
  • 1. Proven to increase sales to your captive clientele.
  • 2. Create customized dynamic advertising content.
  • 3. Manage the screen remotely from any computer with internet access.
  • 4. Flexibility to modify your campaign offerings instantly.
  • 5. Ability to display both Horizontal and Vertical orientation.
  • 6. Trouble-free revenue generating opportunity.
  • 7. Flourishing Communication.
  • 8. Effective Promotion.
  • 9. Highly cost effective.
  • 10. Time Saving.
  • 11. Attention Seeker.
  • 12. Quick, Easy Content Updates. Grill leverage.